Competitor Comparison Q&A

Are all plastics the same?

Horserail® is made from the highest quality plastic available. Some other products are made from cheaper, less quality controlled plastics. This can result in poor appearance after installation and a reduced warranty period. Horserail® offers true value.

What’s in a warranty?

Horserail® has up to a 30 Year Limited Warranty. 100% of our customers have this limited warranty. Some competitor’s products carry a reduced warranty period and “claim” to have less than 2% warranted customers due to extreme installation restrictions. You can’t even obtain this warranty info until after purchase and installation – that is too late!

But why not buy “cheaper” fencing?

Horserail might initially cost more but over the life of your fence the cost will balance out and you will have a cleaner, safer fence. When you purchase “cheap” products you may:

– Want to ask why are they cheap and how the company can make such a cheap product and stand by it. What corners were cut in quality and production?

– Get a shorter fence life having to replace part of the fence row or all of it in a short period of time

– Have to pay a professional installer a higher fee because it will take longer to make cheap fence look good

– Spend a lot of your own valuable time installing and re-installing with increased aggravation as the process lingers on

– Find that there is no easy way to join, attach, and/or tension these products (which adds to the growing aggravation)

This is not true value.

Warning: Be cautious of non warranted knock-offs – and believe in the old adage “You get what you pay for!”
• Note that Horserail® will not authorize any warranty claim when using any non-authorized Horserail® products.

Are all fence systems the same?

Horserail comes with a patented process of attaching, joining and tensioning. The system comes in many different sizes and colors. It also has an unmatched, experienced knowledge source and support staff to help you through the fence installation process. We are in the “Fence Constructing” business! Some competitors are in the “fence sales” business. Once you have the product – you are on your own to figure it out and if you do not do it to their specs – no warranty!!

Can I get some samples of your fence?

Sure – how many would you like…
Other companies don’t want you to see their product until you purchase it – too many things to hide – go ahead ask for samples.

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