Request a Sample

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Contact Horserail® today to request a sample of our quality products. You may request a sample of our rail, coated wire, or both in either white, brown, or black. One request per customer please.

Subject our premium polyethylene UV protected rail to the conditions that you expect your fence to be exposed to throughout it’s life and be amazed at the performance of our Horserail®! Freeze it, expose it to environmental conditions such as heat, wind, hail, etc., stomp it, rub it, and examine it to your heart’s content. We have – and we know that our Horserail® rail and coated wire are built to last and made to hold up to the toughest conditions on Earth. We are so confident in the integrity of our products that we proudly offer up to a 30 year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty. Try it for yourself. We are certain that you will be pleased to discover that our rail and wire will be the perfect material for your new horse enclosure or renovation project. They are easy to handle, install, and repair with simple tools.

Horserail® is recommended by veterinarians all over the world as the safest railing system available for horses. It also virtually eliminates rider injuries, as well. Our product is flexible, durable, and strong. It can flex and bend without breaking to ensure that even if a car hits your fence, your horses will likely remain safe and securely fenced in. When electrified (highly recommended), Horserail’s® ability to keep your horses safely corralled is unparalleled.

See the beauty of our rich, vibrant colors. Our fence material is made to beautifully withstand the harshest environments on Earth. From desert to ocean-side, mountaintop to savannah, customers all over the world enjoy the security and reliability of Horserail®, the finest horse rail available at any price. Protect your investment with the best and most durable horse fence on Earth.