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Read what some satisfied Horserail® consumers have to say and we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with our products.

Anthony Mithen – Rosemont Stud

“Safety has to come first for every farm. The fact that Horserail® looks so good as well is a huge bonus! I love it and will be opening more and more paddocks at Rosemont using the Horserail® product.”

Mike Davies – Veterinarian/Belmont Horse Hospital

“Our recovery paddocks are fenced with Horserail® as safety is the first priority at our clinic; we are very happy with them and would highly recommend Horserail® to anyone looking for a safe and aesthetically pleasing fence.”

Gary Mudgway – Grange Thoroughbreds

“We have used Horserail® exclusively on our new property, for safety, aesthetics, practicality and cost. I would not use any other product and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Alister Rodgers – Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic

“Our new clinic has been fully fenced with Horserail® fencing and as a vet we require the best of what is available, that’s why we chose Horserail® to be used in all our paddocks and pens.”

Trevor Delroy – Wyadup Valley Farms

“We have installed over 15km of 3 Rail Horserail® fencing in recent years. Injuries have been reduced substantially due to its safety features and we have experienced no problems with its durability.”

Eddie Rigg – Geisle Park

“We are delighted with the safety and minimal maintenance that Horserail® offers. We recently had a horse hit a Horserail® fence at pace and by the time we got down to the paddock we could not work out which horse had hit the fence!”

John Smith – Kulani Park

“Brilliant product – as the safety of our horses is our first priority and there is no better product on the market today!”

Billy Douglas – Manager/Aquanita Racing

“We spell some of our best racehorses behind Horserail® as it is the best fencing to give you peace-of-mind when valuable stock is behind it! All of our trainers love it!”

Stephen Irwin – Riverslea Farm

“During a daytime storm, we witnessed a foal hit and go through a 4 Rail Horserail® fence and all it did was take a small amount of hair off its back legs. If it had been any other type of fencing – the foal would most likely have been seriously injured or killed, Horserail has paid for itself in one incident!”

Brad Travers – Dawson Stud

“When we needed safe fencing for our Yearlings we used Horserail® products – and were so happy with the cost effectiveness we have continued throughout the rest of the stud! Best investment we have made!”

John Woods – T