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Neville Duncan – Oakland Park Stud

“We have been using Horserail® products for nearly 17 years now and all fence related injuries have all but been eliminated, we have witnessed horses, such as Marasco, gallop through the fence after being spooked and come out the other side without even a scratch!”

Anthony Mithen – Rosemont Stud

“Safety has to come first for every farm. The fact that Horserail® looks so good as well is a huge bonus! I love it and will be opening more and more paddocks at Rosemont using the Horserail® product.”

Mike Davies – Veterinarian/Belmont Horse Hospital

“Our recovery paddocks are fenced with Horserail® as safety is the first priority at our clinic; we are very happy with them and would highly recommend Horserail® to anyone looking for a safe and aesthetically pleasing fence.”

Gary Mudgway – Grange Thoroughbreds

“We have used Horserail® exclusively on our new property, for safety, aesthetics, practicality and cost. I would not use any other product and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Alister Rodgers – Rockhampton Veterinary Clinic

“Our new clinic has been fully fenced with Horserail® fencing and as a vet we require the best of what is available, that’s why we chose Horserail® to be used in all our paddocks and pens.”

Trevor Delroy – Wyadup Valley Farms

“We have installed over 15km of 3 Rail Horserail® fencing in recent years. Injuries have been reduced substantially due to its safety features and we have experienced no problems with its durability.”

Eddie Rigg – Geisle Park

“We are delighted with the safety and minimal maintenance that Horserail® offers. We recently had a horse hit a Horserail® fence at pace and by the time we got down to the paddock we could not work out which horse had hit the fence!”

John Smith – Kulani Park

“Brilliant product – as the safety of our horses is our first priority and there is no better product on the market today!”

Billy Douglas – Manager/Aquanita Racing

“We spell some of our best racehorses behind Horserail® as it is the best fencing to give you peace-of-mind when valuable stock is behind it! All of our trainers love it!”

Stephen Irwin – Riverslea Farm

“During a daytime storm, we witnessed a foal hit and go through a 4 Rail Horserail® fence and all it did was take a small amount of hair off its back legs. If it had been any other type of fencing – the foal would most likely have been seriously injured or killed, Horserail has paid for itself in one incident!”

Brad Travers – Dawson Stud

“When we needed safe fencing for our Yearlings we used Horserail® products – and were so happy with the cost effectiveness we have continued throughout the rest of the stud! Best investment we have made!”

John Woods – T