Hotcote® Insulator

Our new Hotcote® Insulator is unlike any other fencing insulator on the market. Horserail® has developed a world-class design innovation for permanent installation of electrifiable coated wire fencing. The Hotcote® Insulator is an extremely durable wire mount that is made of high quality plastic and allows easy installation of coated wire while insulating it from the posts. Developed from a customer request, the Hotcote® Insulator was made to compliment the quality of Horserail® coated wire and accessories.

  • Safe for Horses
    No sharp edges or moving parts
  • Easy to Install
    Saves time and aggravation
  • Made of Quality Materials
    Weather resistant and UV stabilized
  • Extremely Strong
    So strong that you could install posts further apart
  • Well Designed
    and thoroughly tested up to a 20 year warranty
Hotecote® Insulators Are Available in Three Different Colors: Brown, Black, & White

Install The Hotcote® Insulator In Just 3 Easy Steps


Click It

Just Click the Hotcote®
Insulator easily onto the
coated wire.


Screw It

Position the Hotcote®
Insulator on the fence post and tighten the Screw.
Do not over tighten the screw!


Secure It

Position insulator and tighten screw to bring jaws
together equally –
to Secure the wire.



Watch how the uniquely designed center opening
closes around the
coated wire!