When you combine Horsecote’s® visibility, 1,350 pound break strength, a patented process of “molecularly bonding” the polyethylene safety coating to galvanized wire, and low maintenance with its competitive price, you have an affordable, high quality horse safe fencing solution.

Installation hardware features a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning the coated wire providing a clean, neat look while being safe for both horse and rider. There is no stripping, crimping or notching needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires.

Some form of electrical deterrent is recommended for the safety of horses, longevity of the fence, and especially as a training aide for your horses.

A. High Tensile Wire
B. Molecularly Bonded to the wire
C. Long-Life UV Stabilized Non-Conductive Medium Density Polyethylene


Brown, Black, White

Horsecote Color Options

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