HorserailHorserail® is a coated rail and wire horse fence system that combines the patented Horserail technology with premium virgin grade polyethylene and a super strong steel core, making it a safe, secure, and durable alternative to standard horse fencing.

Horserail’s smooth surface is designed to flex and slide so that if a horse is to run into, hit, kick or put a leg through the fence then Horserail will bend and flex so that animal will not be injured, like they might be in an accident with a wooden horse fence. Horserail has also developed a special conductive plastic coated wire ‘Hotcote’ that is the perfect solution for a highly visible, permanent electric fence for horses and other animals.

Ideal for arenas, round pens, lots, yards, paddocks, pastures, tracks, and gallops with its patented spooler and buckle system, Horserail is easy to put up, significantly reducing installation costs and time and can be moved with no trouble if needed making it an ideal permanent or moveable horse fencing solution.

Horserail fencing is impact resistant and won’t break, splinter or warp. With its genuine 20 – 30 year limited manufacturers warranty, Horserail is maintenance free with NO painting required and is available in three colors designed to blend or contrast with your land’s color schemes. Black, brown and white.

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