Hotcote® Hardware

Hotcote Display

A. Two Piece Mini Spooler Tensioner*: The quickest tighteners available – no stripping or crimping needed. This no saw tooth design is safer for horses and riders. Comes with 2 Stainless Steel Locking Pins.

B. Hotcote® Insulator: A world class design innovation for permanent installations of electrifiable coated wire. Safe, easy to install and exteremely strong! Available in brown, black and white.

C. Straight Attaching Insulated Buckle*: With HDG washer. Use for electrifiable fence on square posts or buildings.

D. Pre-Bent 45° Attaching Insulated Buckle* : With HDG washer. Assists in alignment with line posts and reduces possible post rotation. 45° PROVIDES CORRECT MOUNTING POSITION (electricfiable fence – end and gate posts).

E. Lag Screw**: SIZE: 5 ̋ x 4 ̋ (12mm x 100mm)

F. Joining Buckle*: A quick, secure method to join coated wires without stripping or crimping.

G. Inside Corner Insulator with Hex Head**: Made of heavy duty materials for a long lasting, professional installed look! For up to 90° on an inside corner. SIZE: 1/2 ̋ x 4 ̋ (10mm x 109mm)

H. 5″ Tube Insulator: A past insulator that also provides protection from abrasion damage. Available in brown, black and white.

100′ Hotcote® Tubing Insulator (Roll): For outside corner installations. (Not shown in photo) Available in brown, black and white.

* A, C, D, F, and D are Double Coated: E-Coat & Powder Coat

** E and G are: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Patent Number 6,533,811. Design Patent Numbers: D613,570, D637,070, D637,477, 334210, and Other Patents Pending