Why Electrify…

Why Electrify

We always recommend building your fence to be electrifiable.
• You can turn it off or on depending on your needs.
• It is more cost effective to include electricity at the beginning rather than retrofitting.
• Electric fences help as a training aide to your horses and prolong the beauty and life of your fence.

How Horserail® products make it easy to electrify your fence:
A: End Post Buckles: Metal conducts electricity while the patented grommets stop leakage to posts
B: Electric Leadout Wire: Use screws provided on buckles to attach wire as needed
C: Line Posts: Patented Insulator Brackets and Hotcote Insulators prevent electrical leakage
D: Joining: Our metal joining buckles allow the electricity to flow without need to crimp, tie or knot
E: Tensioning: Our 2 piece metal spoolers allow the electric to flow through


  • Always use an adequate number of electric fence warning signs and make sure to attach them securely
  • It’s essential to keep fence line clear of all debris. Note: Do not burn!
  • Use safety eye glasses, and gloves

Please reference your energizer supplier for any instructions for electrifying your fence. It is always best to follow their specific guidelines as to proper size, strength, placement and grounding of their equipment. Horserail’s liability is limited to how its products conduct and control electricity as stated in our warranty – not on the installation or electrification of your fence.